FitCity CrossFit – CrossFit*Gym closed on Monday. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *HAPPY BIRTHDAY OMAR!Warm-upWarm-up (No Measure)400m Team Run Coach Choice Squat & Shoulder PrepMetcon355 with a partner (AMRAP – Reps)AMRAP 20 “365” with a partner In any...


FitCity CrossFit – CrossFit*Closed Monday 1/1/18. Back to regular schedule Tuesday 1/2/18!Fun Friday Challenge!Warm-up (No Measure)Spend 20-30 minutes working on your goat


FitCity CrossFit – CrossFit*Run Club begins next week! Sign up now to get started with the next 6 week session right after the New Year. Register here: http://fitcitycrossfit.wodify.com/…/PurchaseByKeyEntry.aspx…Warm-upWarm-up (No Measure)200m Run AMRAP 5 10...
Protect Your Shoulders and Get Stronger

Protect Your Shoulders and Get Stronger

  Shoulder activation is an important part of protecting your shoulders and also building strength for movements like pull ups. To activate your shoulders while hanging from the bar, think about pulling your shoulders down and back and your chest up. Most...


FitCity CrossFit – CrossFit*Save the date! Fight Gone Bad Saturday 1/13/18 at 9am!Warm-upWarm-up (No Measure)2min Row or Air Bike then 12 KB Swings 12 Lateral Line Hops 12 High Knees 12 Booty Kickers x1 then PVC Pipe Game Squat & Shoulder...

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