Dietary Fat and Why Our Bodies Need them

Dietary Fat and Why Our Bodies Need them

Dietary fat has gotten a bad rap over the last several decades due to some speculative links between dietary fat intake and increased risk of heart disease. Fortunately, however, recent research has shown healthy fat is a key part of overall health and athletic...


FitCity CrossFit – CrossFitLive Well Health Fair this Saturday 9am! (No Measure)200m Run AMRAP 5 10 Med Ball Squat Cleans 10 Ball Toss with partner 10 Strict Press PVC/Barbell Squat & Shoulder...


FitCity CrossFit – CrossFit*This Saturday, Bring A Buddy WOD at 9am!! Show your friends & family why you do what you do!Warm-upWarm-up (No Measure)200m Run 20 seconds of the following: Ring Rows Russian Step Ups Grasshoppers Rest 20 sec, x3 Squat &...

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