Personal Training


One on One training is a personalized approach to training. It is a highly effective way to optimize your time and energy. With personal training, your coach will work with you to:


Create specific, measurable and realistic goals


Design a program specifically targeted for achieving your goals, working on weaknesses and building on strengths


Mobility exercises to increase your range of motion


Specific stretches needed to promote recovery

Personal training at FitCity provides:

  • Accountability
  • Flexible schedule
  • Safe environment for learning
  • Food journal support
  • Focus from a dedicated coach whose passion is helping YOU
  • Self-­realization and becoming the best version of yourself

Private group coaching is available for small groups of two or three people. If you and a couple of friends are training for a specific event or working towards similar goals!

Your One on One sessions are always evolving, as are you. As you progress your goals will be adjusted and so will your personalized programming.

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