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FitCity Kids was born out of necessity. Our group class and personal training members were seeing results, having fun, learning how to exercise safely and fuel their bodies. Parents began asking us to create a program that would do the same for their kids. So we did. The classes have been in demand since the first class in September of 2014!

– -How can the FitCity Kids program benefit my child?

Our FitCity Kids program is designed with FUN in mind! The 30 minute classes keep kids ages 10-13 engaged with various types of pushing, pulling, jumping, climbing, squatting, throwing, lifting, pressing, running and more. Furthermore, cognitive skills are stimulated through rep counting, sequence tracking, body awareness, and working towards a goal.

Additional benefits for your children include:

  • Learning to define “healthy” as strong and active
  • Reduce the increase in prevalent health issues such as obesity
  • Protect against injury through building stronger bodies and learning how to move safely/properly
  • Create a community of like­minded kids to support and build self­ confidence
  • Teach life skills such as perseverance, motivation, goal­-setting, and concentration
  • Supporting an active lifestyle and learning proper movement mechanics, gives kids the opportunity to be physically fit and establishes healthy habits for the rest of their lives.

Coach Sarah, the Creator and Head Coach of our kids program, has a B.A. in Exceptional Student Education with a certification in English as a Second Language. In addition to having her own two children, ages 15 and 10, she has been working with kids for over twenty years. She also is Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and a certified USAW Olympic Lifting Coach.

Hear what some of our kids say are their favorite things about CrossFit!

Ever since my daughter Yasmina began FitCity Kids I have seen many positive changes. I have seen improvements in muscle strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. I have also seen changes in her mood, self-confidence and self-esteem. I believe Coach Sarah is an excellent model for the kids by teaching them how to have an active lifestyle and best of all having fun while doing it!


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