FitCity CrossFit – CrossFit

*REMINDER about the holiday schedule this week:
Monday through Wednesday REGULAR SCHEDULE
Thursday/Thanksgiving Day CLOSED Join us for the 5k/1 Mile Run
Friday 9:30am class ONLY
SATURDAY CLOSED Check Wodify for at home wod


(No Measure)

200m Run

Team workouts in New Tampa

Crossfit for “All Stars”!!

Tabata style


Push Ups

Squat & Shoulder Prep


Back Squat (4×8)

*Rest 3 minutes in between sets. Challenge yourself! These should be heavy!


2k Row (Time)

Max Effort 2k Row
Rest 30 sec

90 Sec Plank Hold


(No Measure)

Strap Stretch

Banded Leg Kick x10

Bent Knee Kick x10

Foam Roll Glutes, Hammys, Quads as needed

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