Elite fitness for all! Enjoy small group fitness classes with community support. You’re not in this alone!

Personal Training

We offer personal training for those needing extra support, a specialized program, or who just prefer the personal setting.


Exercise is only part of the picture. We can help create a customized nutrition program to help you meet your goals!

FitCity Differentiators

Small Classes

Everyone counts and everyone gets personalized attention. You are not just a faceless person in the crowd. Your success matters to us!

Focus on Excellence

We believe that skill and mobility are important. We focus on technique and safety so you move better and meet your goals.

Coaching Staff

Our coaches are on fire with passion for what they do. A focus on continuing education and coach development make them better!

Kids Classes

We believe fitness is a family affair. We offer kids programs and summer camps, setting the foundation for a lifetime of fitness.

Featured Member Story

Meet Natalie, our featured member!

I am a full time working mom with four children. With our family’s crazy schedule, I never made working out a priority. All of my time was devoted to my children and their activities, or to my work.

About a year ago, I came to Bring A Buddy day at FitCity. I had heard about CrossFit from my friend at work and was curious about it. I had a great time but was a little discouraged by the fact that I couldn’t even do a regular sit up. I decided that I enjoyed it enough to look into coming back though. The workouts were intense, but I liked the fact that they were always different, and the coach did a great job of explaining and scaling the workouts to meet my needs.

I enjoyed all of the new people I met at FitCity too. I’ve never been good at keeping up with a workout routine, but FitCity is an awesome support system. I have never felt judged for not being “better” or “faster” at something. All of the athletes cheer each other on and boost each other’s confidence. I’ve definitely come to think of them as my FitCity family.I am really proud of myself for having stuck with CrossFit for this long.



  • Fight Gone Bad in New TampaI drive past 4 other CrossFit gyms on my way to FitCity but I'm totally ok with the 45 minute commute. Why you ask? Because when you walk in, someone always says hi. These people are now my family in a city I have no blood relatives. These are the people that celebrate your achievements and push you to new heights and believe in you when you don't believe in yourself. The coaching is equal to personal training. Our coaches (Sarah, Javi and Keith) seem to have eyes in the back of their heads. One movement not on form and they are next to you to correct it. I am a bigger girl with several previous injuries. I like how the movements are scaled for me without making me feel any less of a participant. I feel like I am constantly challenged and I am never made to feel any other way other than part of a team, even if I'm doing the easiest movement. Sarah has helped me get a nutrition plan together and I love celebrating the small big things with everyone here. They make working out fun!
    Lee Kaplan
  • 14333072_1107419299339875_8103212915903876273_n-2Too often in my life I shy away from trying new things that will take me out of my comfort zone. Fear of failure and extreme shyness in new situations are typically my deterrents. 10 months ago I decided to go out on a limb and join Crossfit. For the first few months (and still sometimes) I was very nervous every time I set foot in the gym. After some ups and downs and a hiatus at one point, I stuck with it and was honored at the gym’s anniversary party with one of two “most improved” awards. I am beyond humbled. If you are unsure or scared like me to try something new, do it! I am not only stronger and healthier than I was 10 months ago, but I have met the nicest, most supportive people who genuinely care. And a huge thanks to my amazing coaches, Sarah and Javier, who are two of the most amazing people I have ever met! Remember that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try!!
    Sue Mintz
  • toestobarCrossfit… where to begin? Well it took me about 4 months to gain the courage to try my first class. Well I made the right choice! The beginning was difficult, but Sarah is an amazing coach, she encourages, pushes, and give us the tools we need to reach our goals. Sarah not only helps us with our workouts but also guides us in how to fuel our bodies to get the results we want to achieve.Two years later I am amazed at what I can do. Thank you Sarah!
    Michelle Stanziani
  • team_estrogenBefore beginning Crossfit I had tried several other gyms. While you can “workout” just about anywhere, you may not be inclined to challenge yourself. FitCity Crossfit not only provides me a place to challenge myself, it provides me with the skills, the confidence, and the support, that I need to take my fitness to the next level.
    Paula Pettis
  • I HAVE OFFICALLY BEEN ACCEPTED TO MEDICAL SCHOOL!!, ehm pardon the emotional outburst, however this post's primary purpose is to thank you. Yes you. All of you. All the coaches and equally all the members. For those of you that don't know med school is about 60% prior work and 40% interview. I couldn't really change my prior work but when I started this process a year ago I was very insecure about both my appearance and qualifications that often times reflected in my interviews. Coming to crossfit has changed that. Working with the coaches and the support from you all (members) has dramatically increased myself confidence and I feel like that was a deciding factor that gave me my acceptance. I hope to have many more interviews in the future and more acceptances but I would like to express that everyone of you has contributed to my success as much I have. And for this reason, Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for everything.

    With love, admiration, and thanks, Apurva Srivastav, future Physician
    Apurva Srivastav, future Physician
  • fitcity_kidsEver since my daughter Yasmina began FitCity Kids I have seen many positive changes. I have seen improvements in muscle strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. I have also seen changes in her mood, self-confidence and self-esteem. I believe Coach Sarah is an excellent model for the kids by teaching them how to have an active lifestyle and best of all having fun while doing it!
  • team_fitcityYou are so awesome. I am truly blessed that God led me to you. You have a such a genuine caring personality. I truly appreciate your time and guidance. I feel like I can accomplish anything that you tell me I can do. Thank you so much!!