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What Does Your Sunday Funday TASTE Like?!

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, a quality diet is the key to fueling your body to enjoy your sport and perform optimally. 

Ever have a Sunday Funday that had a little too much emphasis on the FUN part? As in, didn’t get in the right kind of fuel for your body? Well, come Monday, whether it is a weekday bike ride at Alafia or a #nevermissamonday workout at the gym, the suffering begins immediately.

On the other hand, how about those days when you feel like a rockstar? Legs feel strong and mighty on the bike or the barbell glides up and down with minimal effort! There are two variables that most significantly affect this feeling; adequate sleep and NUTRITION. Plain and simple, you can not out exercise a bad diet.

As a certified Nutrition Coach along with our partner Registered Dietitian Nicole Aucoin, our FitCity Nutrition program has helped many athletes and non-athletes have more energy, feel great, and perform in life and in sport!

Know what to do but struggle with doing it consistently? You are not alone.
Not sure how to fuel your body for your goals? You are not alone.

In either case and everything in between, creating healthy habits is the solution. Our proven two-phase approach offers biometric testing, use of the exclusive HSN app for communicating with your Nutrition Coach, meal plans, and various levels of accountability to helping you reach your goals.


Ready to feel like a ROCKSTAR in the gym, on your bike, or when giving a presentation at work? Join us for our upcoming 28 Day Nutrition Challenge! Or if you prefer a private, personalized approach, we are happy to meet with you one on one for an Hungry for Help Intro.