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Courage: One Small Step At A Time

Here’s a story about a client who will remain anonymous. I will use the pronoun “she” but over the years a similar story has repeated itself for several of my male and female clients. Maybe you will think this is about YOU. Maybe it is. Maybe it is someone you know, someone you see daily. Someone you care about.

Depression is real. The disease cripples. It suffocates the motivation from otherwise hard working, determined people. I received a call last week from a client in the parking lot, who could not stop crying. She could not get herself out of the car to enter the gym. I suggested she go through the motions, walk in for class and due to the chemical changes that would take place from exercise, she might feel better after. She could not. Instead she moved her car further away (but still in the gym parking lot), so she could continue crying without being seen.

Hang on because this story has a happy ending and a lesson….

After about 15 minutes, I texted with her to encourage going in the gym right then or waiting in the car listening to fun music, either one in preparation for the next evening class. Guess what? She did! She came in for class! And…she texted me after expressing how much better she felt after class! She felt empowered from lifting weights and supported by high fives from her Coach and fellow classmates. The blood flowed throughout her body. Endorphins were released. She changed the course of her evening.

Every choice we make defines the next moment. Facing challenges, heck facing daily responsibilities, is all about one thing…ACTION. Like my client experienced last week, you do not need to wait for Inspiration or Motivation. Instead, change your mindset to take ACTION first. Action leads to Motivation. Don’t wait for motivation to get moving.

The client in this story took several Actions that redirected her evening. First win…she called for help! Kudos for this Action step as it may be the hardest! Then she chose to stay in the parking lot rather than leave. After a good cry, she begrudgingly selected a different, more upbeat genre of music. She got out of her car, grabbed her water bottle and walked into the gym. All positive Action steps.

What Action step will you take today?