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FitCity’s Nutrition program is designed with your long-term success in mind! We believe every BODY is different and therefore each person’s needs and goals are different. You do not need to be a member of our gym to take full advantage of our Nutrition services.

Our Nutrition program is designed to provide you with an easy approach to health and wellness.

There are lots of programs on the Internet telling you what foods NOT to eat or supplements and shakes to purchase. We believe in two important components to successfully reaching nutrition based goals: keep the plan simple and eat whole foods.

We sit down with you and listen. Then we work together to write realistic and measurable goals. Once your short and long terms goals are clearly defined, your Nutrition Coach will teach you how to make healthy choices through systematic habit changes. We use simple behavior modification strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting”. You will build confidence by learning what food TO eat, rather than long lists of food NOT to eat.


With our two-phase approach, we will provide support and accountability while you learn healthy lifestyle habits which enabling you to reach and maintain your nutrition long term. You will gain confidence in knowing how to stay on track while building life-long skills, one step at a time!

How Does FitCity Nutrition Work?

Our nutrition program is a two-phase approach.

During Phase 1, we determine a nutrition and habit baseline. We set you up with a customized plan and test biometrics.

Clients will then graduate to Phase 2 (Ongoing Coaching) where we focus on accountability and tweaking the plan to see optimal results. Each of our options provides varying levels of accountability so you have all you need to be successful! We don’t guess. We use scientific body composition tracking in order to follow your success.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase your energy level, or gain muscle, our nutrition program provides customized coaching to help you reach your specific goals.



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