What Kind of Runner Are You?

Most people I work with come from one of two camps of runners: long, slow distance (LSD) runners OR people who only run if there is something chasing them!

Joining our FitCity Running Club, group one hopes for a personal record (PR) on an upcoming 5k while group two will be thrilled completing their first 5k run. Clearly, both groups want to perform better while running. However, strength, power, and speed should not be sacrificed, as those are essential components to health and longevity.

How can both groups train to reach their goals, even if they are different?

With a focus on eliminating countless hours of training, the FitCity Running Club follows the CrossFit Endurance philosophy which combines high intensity interval workouts with sprints, time trials and tempo runs. The runs are in conjunction with olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and explosive activity proven to increase speed and stamina.

Challenges ahead!

LSD runners: In the beginning,you may find it difficult to push yourself to a “max effort” speed. You may want to pace yourself or “settle in” and find a rhythm. For training purposes, I challenge you to push beyond your comfort zone and find that place where you feel you may not be able to maintain, and then stay there. This is the secret place where progress and PRs are made.

Newbies: If you have been training high intensity interval workouts, like CrossFit, get out there and run your assigned task. Run as much of the programmed distance as you can without walking. If you have to walk, then do so but walk fast and keep the breaks short. You are capable of much more than you think!

  • Get out of your comfort zone, that is where the magic happens!
  • Keep up with your high intensity workouts, strength training and explosive activities three to four times per week. Combined with sprints, time trials and tempo runs, your speed and stamina will increase in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Be open-minded to new ideas about breathing, electrolytes, hydration and running technique.