dream team of new tampa

A Personal Letter

Every dream starts with a thought. Some thoughts are followed by a decision. I remember the moment I made the decision to open my own gym. I was driving on I275 near I4 heading into downtown Tampa area, talking with my mom on the phone. And it hit me, like a love bug on the windshield, DO IT! Now, don’t get me wrong, Javi had planted the seed long before that moment, but it was that stretch of I275, when the trajectory of my future changed drastically.

Never in that moment or the many moments thereafter, would I have imagined where I would be today, where “my gym” would be today. These past 4+ years have been a journey for sure. The path has been paved with excitement, fear, intense pride, and at times, disappointment. Every single risk taken, every single failure has led FitCity to this day, September 6th, 2018.

What is special about today? Nothing! It is a day like any other. It is a day with the Dream Team in action, either on the front lines or behind the scenes. Today, you will open the gym, find the music station someone will complain about, write programming, meet with clients, offer support and encouragement via text, email or in person. You will reach out and touch someone’s life. You may even save someone’s life. YOU are the heroes of FitCity.

To the heroes of FitCity: Javi, Keith, Chandree, Alina, Corey and now Kathy…there are no words to express the elation my soul feels knowing you all share my vision for our little corner of the Earth. Each one of you make the world a better place one member at a time. You are patient, thoughtful, considerate, supportive and self less. You strive to help people be the best version of themselves. I see it. The people you impact daily…they feel it. None of us are perfect beings. Often times we recognize our failures rather than our accomplishments. Your courage to challenge and achieve, inspires me daily.

Thank you for walking on this journey with me.
Thank you for striving to be better everyday.
Thank you from those members who will never tell you how awesome you are but go home and tell their family about how much you are changing their lives.
Thank you for trying to live the life we preach.
Thank you for your service to the community.
Thank you for creating a judgement free zone, a safe zone for anyone who is willing to work hard.
Thank you for having integrity.
Thank you for having pride in how you coach.
Thank you for believing in FitCity.
Thank you for sharing my vision.
Thank you for not judging me for my shortcomings.
Thank you for trusting me.