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Back To The (After) School (Snack) Grind

Kids are back in school which means you are likely having to think about what to feed your little “food vacuum” each day after school. (“Food vacuum” certainly describes my 13 year old son and the amount of food he consumes, plus it sounds nicer than “Garbage Disposal”!)

I know how exhausting this can be trying to put together well balanced, healthy, quick snacks, daily.

Before you read the list, I promise everything on this list is consumed by at least one of my kids at least once each week. It may take a little time but your child will adapt to eating these new foods, with time. Remove the junk from your house. If a child (or adult for that matter) has the option to choose between a snack of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies or hummus, well…we all know what the likely outcome will be.

Now that you read my disclaimer, here are some of our favorites:

  • Hummus, carrot chips, hard boiled egg
  • Deli meat rolls, gluten free crackers, black olives
  • Homemade nachos (corn chips, leftover ground meat, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole)
  • Plain Greek yogurt, strawberries, drizzle of honey, sliced almonds
  • Cottage cheese(full fat) and grapes
  • Sliced banana and sour cream
  • Crunchy garbanzo beans and beef jerky
  • Sardines and gluten free crackers
  • Canned tuna with avocado mayo and gluten free crackers
  • Deli meat rolls and dates stuffed with almonds

In addition, most kids are not drinking enough water. Along with the after school snack, have your child drink a full glass/cup/bottle of water!

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