Nutrition Coach Kathy Gets Real #rememberyourwhy

Since a young age, I have felt I was born with a purpose. Every time I got into something new (like dying my hair every single color and pretending I was in a punk rock band.) I would say to myself, ok this is it. This is why I’m here on this planet.

I love to listen and understand the why behind thoughts and actions. I have always been curious about psychology, the human mind and behavior. I know it takes weeks, months, sometimes years to change a mindset or develop different habits. It has taken me so long to become who I am truly meant to be.

Today, I know I am not alone. I have struggled with my body image and weight since I was a child. I felt immense pressure to look a certain way. Growing up, I was always the “chubby” one. I have a twin brother who is half my size and no matter how much we changed through the years he was (and is still) half my size! My older sister was very thin as well, so “chubby” me always felt “different” from my family. I was fortunate though in that my parents never made me feel overweight, never called me fat and even at my heaviest weight, never made me feel bad about my size. But…I did have family members judge my size, make plenty of negative comments about my weight and criticize if I was eating something. As many of you have experienced, this can be quite traumatic.

I started dieting at age 13. At a very young age I had tried every single diet you can think of; The Zone, Atkins, Soup Detox diet, low carb, fat free, low fat, Pineapple & Tuna Salad diet, the Golden Hour diet (which consisted on starving yourself all day and just one hour of your day eat absolutely everything you could). And many more. I mean I could go on and on.
All of this without exercising at all. I think I was one of the few teenagers out there that failed P.E.. Twice.

I developed such an unhealthy relationship with food. I viewed food as my enemy, not something that is supposed to nourish and nurture my body. It has taken me years to build my confidence and change the way I see myself. The first moment I realized how much of a bada$$ I could be was after my first daughter was born. I remember thinking, wow a little human just came out of me and my views will be her views. Whatever she sees me doing she will probably end up doing too. Then another daughter came. After she was born, I decided to change my life. Pray more, eat healthier and exercise.

Shortly after that decision, I discovered CrossFit. I fell in love with how it made me feel. Strong. Confident. Capable. It was me, the “chubby” one, doing things I never imagined I could do. I was never an active person or athletic to say the least, but I kept showing up. At that time, I still wasn’t eating right. I didn’t understand the importance of NUTRITION. Four years ago, I had another daughter (I promise this is the last one lol) and while pregnant with her I made another life changing decision, to study nutrition. I started one class and then another and another. Every time I finished a class, I fell more and more in love. Now that I have changed my own life through Nutrition, and helped others improve their health and wellness in the same capacity, helping people as a Nutrition Coach is the vision I see for myself, professionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The “purpose” I talked about earlier, the certainty that I was put on this planet for a reason….it is not to be in a punk band (although I did look cool with dyed hair). I want to help people understand the power of Food. The power it has to prevent disease, to make you feel, look good and live longer. After all, we truly are what we eat.

I am so excited my journey has brought me here to FitCity. I am here to listen to your story, help you lose weight, get off your medication, live longer, and retain functionality late into life. Play with your kids and grandkids, not rely on them for basic life assistance.

We are in this together, and that is the magic of this all. Coming from me, a once “chubby” girl with no desire to move from the couch. I can’t wait to meet you!