Christmas overwhelm

Winning Tactics to Handle Overwhelm


I. Feel. You. You’re not alone.

Let’s make this a conversation of helping each other take action. I will share with you some of my challenges and the steps I rely on to move forward and grow through this season of life. I would love to hear back from you too though.

One thing I have implemented and leaned on heavily in my life, most especially in the last five or six years, are specific daily or near daily habits to keep me sane. And I am not kidding. They are THE life lines that keep me holding it together on some days.

I like to create habits so I don’t have to THINK too much. Once something is a habit, it just becomes part of your day.

Case in point….

Do you wear a seat belt? If so, do you spend any energy each time you get into the car deciding if you will in fact strap yourself in?

Do you brush your teeth every night before bed? I would bet 99.999% of the nights, no matter how exhausted you may be, teeth are getting brushed. No decision has to be made about this.

Have you heard of decision fatigue?

Up until about six years ago I had not. I was working with my nutrition coach and he said…”it sounds like you have decision fatigue.” I lost it. Cried my eyes out, because just the name of this type of fatigue defined EXACTLY what I was experiencing.

Here’s the thing. Most people in this country are living with daily decision fatigue. Decision fatigue paralyzes us. Even the smallest decisions feel monumental.

What’s for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week?

What time am I going to exercise today? And what should I do for my exercise?

Who has energy to deal with these decisions along with the hundreds of other decisions we make in a given day?

Over the next three weeks, I will share some tips to launch (or re-launch) some of your healthy lifestyle goals. We will habit stack to minimize decision making.

Sometimes, all we need is a little boost to get started. And sometimes we need heavy duty support for even the smallest step. I totally get that! If you attempt to get on track and it is too overwhelming, please let me know. We will meet and discuss a plan that works for YOU. We will walk through this journey together. You are not alone.

In health,
Coach Sarah