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Social Season Survival Guide

Many people think of the last few weeks of the year a whirlwind, full of social activities and holidays that can disrupt even the most scheduled person. For some, it’s not just the to do list that causes stress, but it’s all the extra FOOD that can cause unwanted weight gain going into the new year.

What can help? How can we enjoy the social season and the holidays without feeling out of control or like we’re missing out?

Plan ahead and arm yourself with the following tools. Look at things you CAN control and things you CAN’T and then choose the best doable option. The coaches at FitCity want you to be “conscious of your choices, but not self-conscious”.1

  1. Eat Slowly and Mindfully: When in a social setting where you have no control over the TYPE of food, focus on what you can control. By eating slowly and listening to your body’s fullness cues, you can avoid feeling unwell and overdoing it. Pause for a minute when you’ve 3/4s of your plate to see if you’re still actually hungry before you finish
  2. Plan Ahead: If it’s a gathering where you can bring food, choose a nutrient dense Think of a charcuterie board filled with needed protein, a veggie tray with a healthy dip, or a fruit tray or maybe even some chilled sparkling water. If you can’t bring food and you’re not sure what will be available, eat a meal of protein and vegetables BEFORE you go so you’re less likely to over indulge on lower quality, high calorie dishes.
  3. Limit alcoholic beverages: Too much alcohol can lead to poor choices, strong cravings for junk It’s high in calories while providing few, if any, nutritional benefits, often has a lot of added sugar and can even disrupt quality sleep. For those concerned about athletic performance, it can impact how much glucose is readily available to fuel performance.Set a limit BEFORE you go out and stick to it! Have some non alcoholic drinks to fall back on.
  4. Eating on the Go: When travelling, even just for the day, pack healthy snacks! Protein and veggies can be a bit of a challenge to find on the go. If you can pack a cooler, the options are endless, but if you’re looking for options that need less refrigeration, think of low sodium beef jerky, trail mix, natural peanut butter on celery sticks, protein bars, or even tuna in a can.
  5. Drink Water: Pack a water bottle to make sure that you’re hydrated, even on the In the event that water isn’t available, your water bottle has you covered
  6. Sleep: Lack of sleep can cause the best of intentions to melt away. Realistically look at the week and try to schedule a few nights each week that you’re able to spend 7-9hrs in
  7. Move: If your normal gym routine has been disrupted, go for a walk, have movement breaks during the Keep it simple. 10:00 of squats and burpees can go a long way
  8. Have Fun: Remember, one meal or one weekend won’t ruin 51 weeks of progress.

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