brussell sprouts

Tips for Surviving the Holidays: Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Bacon

by Sarah Llanos

I like to eat. And I like to feel good. During the holidays, weekdays are filled with sweet treats at work while weekends are jammed with a plethora of parties and events. The struggle is real.

So, here are some survival tips to get you through the last couple of weeks in December without putting on a couple of unwanted extra inches around the waist:

  1. Stick to your workout routine no matter what. When you are consistent with your training, it is easier to stay on point with your nutrition.
  2. Eat a small meal prior to attending an event. If you are famished, you are less likely to stick with your plan.
  3. Create a plan or goal of how much you plan to cheat. Define the parameters for yourself. One or two glasses of wine, yes. A whole bottle plus slice of pie, no.
  4. Bring a healthy dish to the potluck or family dinner. At least there will be one healthy option for you to snack on!
  5. Carry a glass of water (put it in a wine glass if you’d like!) so you only have one hand for eating.

Here’s one of my favorite recipes to bring to a potluck. Enjoy! (Courtesy of NomNomPaleo.)