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It Starts With One Step

I have this strange contrast between continuously being the last one chosen in elementary and middle school PE alongside eventually becoming the Captain of the swim team in high school.

Not really sure which one is more memorable as I think they both have shaped who I am today.

One thing is for sure, I am very average. I don’t break any local, state or national records. I never have. I am always smack in the middle. Average. I don’t mean that in a negative way, just an honest evaluation.

As adults, we have far fewer opportunities to feel successful than we did as kids. We have bosses with often unreasonable demands, spouses with expectations of perfection, children/pets with needs every minute of the day (and night!). We don’t get awards for being “Thoughtful” or “Perfect Attendance” or “Most Likely To Succeed”. We don’t get a trophy for participation.

THIS is why I love CrossFit.

I have successes every week in CrossFit. This is the reason I have stuck with CrossFit for so long. 8 YEARS! That is a long time to stick with an exercise program.

I have stuck with it for one simple reason. I feel good (and I have FUN but I’ll save that for another day). It is the only place and time in my day to focus on me. Since I started I have done so many things I never imagined.

Remember back in the day, in gym class, the “President’s Test”. Hang with your chin over the bar and record how long and rope climb as high as you can. Remember that?

I do. I was mortified every time. I could not hold myself over the bar. I could not even move my hands up higher one motion on the rope. I always felt so humiliated.

Now, at the age of 41, I can do pull ups, dips, rope climbs, body weight back squats. I am stronger than ever. I can do things that were never even on my radar like Clean & Jerks and Power Snatches, handstands and handstand push ups.

If I, an average CrossFitting, stay at home mom (for 10 years), 40 something year old woman can do these things….SO CAN YOU!

Afraid you won’t have successes? I can totally relate. We will start slow and find YOUR successes. Success leads to motivation. Motivation and action lead to consistency. Consistency leads to RESULTS.