Is This YOU?

You think often about starting at the gym, doing something different. You know you need to. You wish you would have started back in January. What is holding you back? Not sure where to start? Scared of how you let yourself go?

Is it you coming to the gym consistently 3 times a week? I see you put weights on the bar and I watch you workout. I’ve been watching you do this for days, weeks, or months. I see some strength gains and I notice you taking fewer breaks during the workouts. You are ready to kick it up a notch.

I’m your coach. It’s my job to help you reach your goals….. If you have them. Why are you here? Is coming to the gym just a thing you feel you need to do? Do you have a specific reason for coming?

Is it you I see doing the same scaling options for months on end? I watch you with the same movement restrictions after months and months.

I’m your coach. It’s my job to guide you. Are you listening? Are you closer or further from your goals?
I don’t see you focusing on movement and flexibility. I can tell by how you perform that you’re not working on your nutrition. Your technique hasn’t improved because you don’t work on it, finishing fast is all that matters.

As your coach, I need to remind you…

Showing up is the first step.

You will see progress, you will have success. If you show up and just do the minimum, you will get frustrated and your progress will level off.

Self-improvement is a game of continuous escalation. You always have to push for more. As you grow, the abilities you gain become a new normal. What used to scare you becomes your everyday. There needs to be new goals, and new challenges, for us to become the best we can, and truly be successful.

One of my professors in college used to say…”the details make the difference.
Eating right, less alcohol, mobility work, extra credit, resting and sleep, technique work, pushing past what’s comfortable….these are all the little things that will propel you into the stratosphere.

What are you doing and why? Is it important enough to do the little things? When you’re at home making dinner, is your goal on your mind? When you’re sitting on your couch watching TV, where you could be stretching, is your goal in your head?

You make the decision to start our program. This is a huge gift you chose to give yourself. You show up consistently, you will have success.

Want stratospheric success??

How important is your health and fitness? Is it important enough to make the little changes everyday that really matter?