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Post Vacation Survival

Today is a good day.

Today is a great day.

Today I woke up groggy and sore from my post vacation stupor. Day 2 of getting back to waking up early with purpose.

If you took a detour from discipline on vacay this summer, you are not alone.

Here is the thing, setting our goals and following through with them with unwavering discipline requires a ton of consistent work. It means taking action daily to create positive habits. It means getting out of bed when everyone else is sleeping. It means eating clean, healthy food when others are eating sweet and savory comfort food and heading to the gym instead of happy hour.

BUT not forever. NOT every single time. Just until you CREATE those positive habits consistently. If you have goals to look good, feel good, perform well in life (and your workouts), you do have to take consistent, healthy action. Once you create those actions as a part of who you are and what your daily life looks like, two awesome things will change:

One, you will not want to detour too often from the actions that make you feel great (eating clean, starting your day with successes like getting out of bed early, exercise).

Two, when you do decide to stop on the last day of your vacation and buy yourself a “Hot & Ready $5 pizza” (true story), you do it knowing you will feel like crap after, you will not do it again for another 6 months to a year and you will get back on track with your next meal.

If you got off track during your vacation this summer, remember today is a great day. Today is the day to get back on track.

Not sure how to get back on track? You are not alone in this department either.

Take one consistent small action all week. Then next week, add another small action to it.

Still not sure where to start? I am happy to help. I am not a sales person. I am a Coach who cares about helping you have more energy and feel good!

*The picture above is taken on our most recent family vacation. While white water rafting, our Guide told us about a place the locals love called Midnight Hole. A short but hidden 1.5 mile hike to get to this little gem. Breathtaking.