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If You Start This Today…

You’ll thank me six months from now!

So many of us have self-limiting beliefs that cause inaction and paralysis. This inaction keeps us from doing the positive things we need to do for our health and perpetuates the cycle of self-harming habits we shouldn’t be doing.

The reality is YOU are your biggest roadblock. And I am mine. Sigh.

So how can we bypass the biggest barrier to achieving our goals and move into ACTION?

Here’s a helpful exercise:

Ask yourself WHY you want to get healthier? Then ask yourself WHY again. The second WHY will usually take you to the deeper, more meaningful reason.

Got an answer? Good, let’s get started!

Not quite ready? Then ask yourself WHY again.

If you haven’t moved into action (example: coming to FitCity to get in the best shape of your life), then you haven’t found a meaningful enough WHY to move into action. Don’t let your unconscious self-limiting beliefs hold you back from being the best version of yourself!

Start with one step. Then another. Then another. In 6 months you will thank yourself for the ACTION you take today!
~Coach Sarah