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The Cost of Health

I recently read about the correlation between poor health and how much money you save, how much you spend out of pocket on medical bills and how long you live. I am sure this is no surprise to most of us. It got me thinking about the “reasons” so many of us chose to not to prioritize health consistently.

No matter our background, there is one thing we all have in common. We all desire longevity and quality of life!

As the research has noted, one of the most significant components to achieving these basic human desires is good health. In the 21st century, many of us live in a constant stress loop circling from one stressor to the next. We must actively CHOOSE good health. We must choose consistent exercise, clean eating, quality sleep, positive self talk and joy.

This can be overwhelming.

Something I hear often…”My health is still my priority but I just have too much on my plate right now. I need to wait until things slow down.”

Here’s the thing, your life is too precious to wait for things to slow down. YOU deserve to prioritize YOU. Work, family, school, bills, crazy schedules will never stop.

In the meantime, your blood pressure will rise. Your cholesterol will creep up. Your ability to easily put your shoes on will get more difficult. Your joints will hurt. You will throw out your back doing simple things like taking out the trash.

Eventually your ability to go outside and run around will stop. Movement will feel like a chore.

We have to make time for our health. Don’t wait to have time.

The secret to longevity and quality of life starts with one small step.

We are here to help. We listen. We want to know, what are your biggest roadblocks? We will work with you to build on small successes moving you forward towards the ultimate goal, living life to the fullest!
Coach Sarah