ready for change

Midlife Crisis: How “Alan” Embraced It With Positive Changes


Meet “Alan” (not his real name to protect his privacy). Alan is in his 40s. Alan came to meet with us for a No Sweat Intro 6 months ago. He was ready for change. After focusing on his growing family along with running his own business for nearly a decade, his health had begun to limit his daily life. As he put it, he was ready to “have a positive midlife crisis!”

As we worked together to design a plan, we discussed the importance of consistent exercise and proper nutrition. Being that he had not been committed to either one in the past, he opted to begin with personal training first with a plan to work with our Nutrition Coach after three months of one on one sessions.

And so the training began. Each week Alan and Coach Javi would set the workout schedule and lock the four days on the calendar. Alan was consistent. He didn’t make excuses. He worked hard. Most days he moved slowly. But it didn’t matter because he kept showing up. After only a couple of weeks he started arriving early for sessions ready to go filled with energy! After a couple of months, he shared with his Coach the increase in sustained energy throughout the day, feelings of drive and motivation he had not felt in a long time (if ever), and even benefits to his relationship with his wife and kids. This high energy shift lasted about two weeks before it came crashing down. Alan started noticing his energy level decreasing and his workouts were feeling terrible. Mid way through the day he would feel exhausted and then at night he could hardly sleep. We set up a time for a goal review appointment to come up with a plan to help Alan.

We reviewed the journey so far. We highlighted progress. We discussed limiting factors and challenges. Diet and the habits associated with fueling his body were no longer sustaining his new healthy lifestyle. We immediately scheduled an appointment with our Nutrition Coach, Kathy.

Fast forward three months. Alan has continued working with Coach Javi four sessions per week. Coach Javi plans workouts specific to Alan’s goals of losing weight, increasing strength and “getting abs”. Oh and of course increased stamina! In terms of nutrition habits, Alan has learned how to plan ahead and eat three meals a day. Prior to meeting with Nutrition Coach Kathy, the one large binging type dinner he’d consume daily was not adequate for sustained energy and only encouraged his body to retain fat. Now and throughout the past three months of our Phase I nutrition program, Alan has been learning habits to support eating the right kinds of foods and more frequently throughout the day. His energy level has been sustained for several months now and he reports feeling like he’s “in his 20’s again!”.

Alan’s story is special but not unique. Over my many years as a Trainer and Nutrition Coach, many people have absolutely transformed themselves. Women and men of all ages. From college students who juggle a full course load plus volunteering, to stay at home moms, to grandparents who have been inspired by their families to live longer and healthier, to full time hard working business owners and everyone in between.

*I wanted to share Alan’s story with you (since he’s too private to share it himself!) to highlight the importance of exercise AND nutrition AND accountability. Way to go Alan! We are so proud of you for demonstrating what it looks like to be in your 40s and start living your life all over again! I know your family loves the healthy, energetic husband and dad!