Keith Crossfit Member Story

Typical Gym Goer Keith Has Better Success With Crossfit

My wife and I moved to Tampa in September of last year. I had worked out at a gym in the Kansas City area, and thought maybe a Crossfit gym would be the next logical step for me. At that time, there were no Crossfit gyms very close to our house, so I tried out the local LA Fitness as a possible alternative. After my first day on a two week free trial, I let them know that it was not a good fit. I then heard from a mutual friend of Sarah’s that she and Javier were going to open a Crossfit box right down the street from where we lived. After a few emails and a visit to the construction site (with a hug from Sarah), I had found my gym. I started working out there in January. I think the hardest part for all of us, is walking through the front door for the first time. Once you get past that, all of the misconceived ideas or fears of what you thought it was going to be, are gone.These days, I really am just excited to be learning Olympic weight lifting, and improving my health. And when I come home from the gym and my wife wants to take a photo of me, it feels pretty good too. My long term goals are probably common to most people, continue to improve strength, endurance, and flexibility.

What Are Your Thoughts About FitCity Crossfit?

Growing up in a small farm town, there was not much available for athletics at my school, and so I did not get much education on lifting weights. Joining up at FitCity has given me the opportunKeith Crossfit Member Storyity to learn all of the olympic lifts that I felt I had missed out on. Among all of the Crossfit boxes out there, this is the one that checks off all of the boxes; trainers that care and have the knowledge and ability to teach, as well as a ‘community’ of other members with similar goals that support each other. I really enjoy all of the extracurricular activities that FCCF does, as well. From beach workouts, to floating down the Weeki Wachee, it all reveals a fun, group environment. I especially enjoyed the recent Crossfit Team Series, where a team consisting of two women, and two men, compete as a team through a series of workouts. I feel like I got to know those three other people a lot by seeing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and supporting each other through it all.

Describe Your First WOD

I had not been very active for a few months prior to starting in January, and felt pretty out of shape. I think my first wod was back squats, toes to bar, front squats, and something else, but after the second round, it all got pretty blurry. Had to sit down for the next round. I was hooked. Along with learning new physical skills, I have been learning about diet and the effects certain foods have on your body. I feel stronger and healthier now than 20 years ago.

Lake Wobegon is a radio program about a fictional small town in Minnesota. I used to listen to the program all the time, and the host Garrison Keillor, would close the program with these words, “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch”. It’s simple, but I think it can be a good reference point for life.

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