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Original FitCity Member Jen T Overcomes Injury

I started CrossFit about 5 years ago when I moved to South Florida. I had a few good friends down there that were doing it and they talked me into it. I have been doing it on and off ever since. #addicted I am one of the original, original FitCity members. Sarah was one of my coaches from a previous gym and when she announced she was pursuing her dreams and opening her own CrossFit, I immediately messaged her saying, “I’M COMING WITH YOU!” There was never a question in my mind. I didn’t work out with Sarah regularly at our old box, but knew she was incredible from the interaction we did have. I felt like I was in a rut at my old box, unmotivated, and felt like I needed more one on one attention. I started going to the Llanos backyard box from week one. I couldn’t believe the change I felt within myself- from just working out on someone’s lanai! Sarah has been totally dedicated to me from week one and her support has forever changed my life. My fitness goals have always been centered around one fundamental thought- JUST GET TO THE GYM. I am a poor self-motivator and limited on the days I can go (because I work 12 hour shifts). They hold me accountable! I text Sarah at the beginning of the week the days I am going, and if for some reason I don’t make it, I ALWAYS get a text, “Where are you?”. That accountability is everything to me.

What Have You Learned Along This Fitness Journey?

I have learned that my body likes working out! I was never super sporty growing up and never enjoyed going to the gym. Although I am not one of those “die hard Crossfitters” that can deadlift Member Story Jen T500 pounds and has the physique of a Greek god, my body responds positively to a good sweat sesh. I usually sleep better, have increased energy, and have more positive internal thoughts. To me, that is priceless. I also have made an almost complete come back after a devastating back injury in January. I herniated 3 disks in my back that basically rendered me severely immobile with horrible pain. After steroids, muscle relaxers, and 3 months of physical therapy (traction is my best friend), I was able to return to FitCity. Since May, I have progressed slowly but surely. My mindset has changed so much though- before I was so concerned with the number. How heavy/fast was I going compared to everyone. Now, as long as I am moving, I am happy! Injuries really seem to put things into perspective. My focus is HEALTH rather than numbers.

What improvement are you most proud of up to this point?

The biggest improvement in my life since joining FitCity is my diet. I LOVE TO EAT. My diet has always been kind of all over the place. I would eat healthy one week then blow it the next. Sarah has taken the time to truly educate me on what is best for my body and has been my greatest supporter. The Whole 30 has changed my life and is my guide to nutrition these days. I have transformed my eating habits to pretty much to 70/30 Whole 30 compliant (when I am not participating in a nutrition challenge). I definitely allow myself to indulge and am not super strict all the time, but I am changed.

Any Advice For People Looking to Join Us?

My advice for newcomers is to just come in- that is the hardest part. Once you are here and feel the difference, you will forever be changed. I have been to MANY boxes in Florida and FitCity is unlike any I have been to. Some of my favorite FitCity moments were in the very early days in the Llanos backyard box. At that time, it was evident to me that it is not about the fancy equipment, pristine location, or being the most popular box in town- it is about the people. FitCity is what it is today because of the incredible people who walk through the doors daily. We are a family and the sense of community is it’s shining star. Sarah and Javi are committed to you and changing our community for the better.

“Your body is the only home you have to live; nurture it, honor it, love it and respect it”. “You Are Enough”

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