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Giving 100% Every Time – Britain

britain 1Meet Britain. He very much deserves this spotlight! Britain gives 100% effort every day, every workout. He is focused on his goals and is willing to put forth the effort…and it shows! It is evident in the drastic changes to his physique as well as his strength gains, increased stamina/endurance and improved technique. Glance over at Britain before or after class and he will likely be in a split that would give a gymnast a run for her money.

“In order to achieve, you have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe.” Erick Thomas

My name is Britain and I am a CrossFit addict. I started at FitCity a year ago to prepare for an obstacle course race. Then I got addicted and continued doing it for fun. My main goals have been to lose weight, get my abs back and be in better condition. I have seen some big changes on this journey. I am more energized. I have gained strength while losing weight. I am running faster and beating my old records, all while looking good doing it! At this point I am proud of hitting new PRs and doing the workouts Rx & Rx+ (little or no modifications needed).

To a new person I would say…just have fun and don’t think too much about the workout. You’ll get through it faster when you don’t think about it.
Share your favorite FitCity moment(s):
This summer our annual FitCity kayak trip to Weeki Wachee and our end of the Open season kickball game! I am also looking forward to our upcoming soccer game.
Tell us something we don’t know about you:
I love to spoil my girlfriends (general term, not having multiple girls) with gifts and love because I’m pretty sensitive when it comes to women and I love making them smile. 🙂 (which is ironic because I don’t smile much).