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Watch 75-Year-Old Woody Demonstrate a Proper Squat

Want to learn how to feel better and more confident in how you move about in your world?

Squatting is the key to happiness, health and independence! Grab a friend or family member and let’s do this!

To learn the proper squat technique, watch the video here:

Then, with your friend/family member take a video of each other squatting and look for the following:

  • Back straight
  • Feet flat (weight should be in the heel)
  • Knees out tracking over your toes (not caving inward)
  • Chest vertical
  • Stand up completely

Now use your squat skills in everything you do throughout the day. Using the toilet, getting out of a chair, picking something up from the ground, these are all opportunities for you to get stronger and more safer!

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