FitCity Crossfit Member Scott

Scott Meets His First Goal But Continues To Want More

In early November of 2014 I drove past the newly built office complex at the corner of Morris Bridge and Cross Creek. I saw a banner that caught my eye which read “FitCity Crossfit.” I had recently just started a new job and because of a myriad of reasons I had gained a few unwanted pounds. So the mysterious banner that just so happened to be located perfectly between work and home intrigued me. I followed up and the rest is history. I had tried a few Crossfit sessions with some friends off and on for a couple of years prior but since joining FitCity I have been doing Crossfit regularly for a year now.

When I first joined my only real fitness goal was to lose weight. But shortly after I started, my competitive nature naturally kicked in, and I decided that losing body fat and gaining strength FitCity Crossfit Member Scott(muscle) was a much more fulfilling prospect.

Do You Remember Your First Workout at FitCity Crossfit?

I can’t exactly remember my first FitCity workout but I do recall being a little nervous going into it. Although sometimes people can’t tell, I’m often very shy especially in new environments. Coming into the gym was a little intimidating. However, walking into FitCity was like finding a new home. Everyone was extremely inviting and friendly. Sarah and Javi opened their arms and gym more then I could even imagine.

Since joining my mental and physical strength have increased greatly. Having a high stress job can easily weigh on your mind, body, and soul. As bad or as stressed as you can feel, a good session in the “box” can go a long way to clearing your mind after a long day or week at work.

What are you most proud of accomplishing up to this point? Probably my biggest accomplishment is being able to finally complete kipping pull ups during a workout. Two goals I haven’t accomplished yet but am VERY close to are a strict pull up and completing a rope climb. Those probably mean the most because they were things I was never able to do due before in life. On a side note, I am so happy to finally have my wife Tanesha sip the kool aid, join FitCity and do our first wod together.

Any Advice For Someone Looking To Start With Crossfit?

Some advice for people who are thinking about starting…stick with it and don’t quit!!!! Crossfit can be hard and intimidating at times but everything gets easier with time, effort, a little sticktoitiveness. One of my favorite quotes keeps me focused on my goals: “Precision beats power and timing beats speed.” ¬Conor “The Notorious” McGregor.

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