CrossFit: The Self-Esteem Boost Jess L.

My husband, Drew, talked me into joining FitCity. I had just finished my bachelor’s degree and internship in Elementary Education, and was in the middle of my first year of teaching. For two years everything but school and family took a back burner in my life, including my health and fitness. Drew had been going to FitCity for about two weeks and always came home telling me about his workouts, and how awesome everyone was there. He kept telling me what a positive and comfortable environment it was and that I should come with him one time and try it out. When I did, I remember walking through the door and immediately being greeted with a hug by Coach Sarah. I joined FitCity because I was immediately family…what other choice did I have?

FitCity Crossfit Member Jess StoryWhat Type of Goals or Expectations Did You Have Going In?

I don’t think I had any set fitness goals going into it, other than I hadn’t done anything in so long, I wanted to do something. Being my first year teaching, I was struggling to find balance between being a full­time working mom for the first time in my life. When I sat down and talked with Coach Sarah about my goals, I expressed this, and she helped me find a goal that I felt I could
obtain. It was as small as planning and making a healthy meal for my family 3 days a week and setting aside some uninterrupted time with my family each week. I still struggle, I am still trying to find balance in my life, but, I am aware of where I am and where I need to go in order to continue to find my “new normal.”

I have been doing CrossFit for a year now, however, CrossFit was not my first experience with weightlifting. I actually took a weightlifting class my Junior year in High School mostly because I needed a PE class and wanted to try something different. I remember falling in love with weightlifting then and subsequently ended up taking another semester of weightlifting, even though I didn’t need another PE credit. Although I don’t remember what my first CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) entailed, I do remember having that same feeling that I had back in high school. The feeling of power and accomplishment. It was hard, but, I had done it! Everyone was so positive and cheered each other on. It didn’t matter that I didn’t lift very much weight, and it didn’t matter that I was probably the last person to finish. When I did finish, there were hugs, high fives and fist bumps all around. Mentally, I am much happier when I complete a WOD. I go into it and think, “How in the world am I going to accomplish this?” and when I do, it’s a huge self­esteem booster! From experiencing this regularly, now I feel can accomplish anything whether it be at the box, at work, or at home. Physically, I have never been one to be obsessed with my weight. I know I lose and I know I gain by the way my clothes fit…I don’t even own a scale. While competing in the FitCity Spring Nutrition Challenge, I began to notice my clothing feeling more and more loose. By the end of the challenge I had gone down two sizes into a size that I hadn’t been since having kids! Other than feeling stronger physically, I usually don’t notice until someone else at the box makes a comment, or when Sarah takes a picture of my back and I look at it shocked because I hadn’t realized that I muscles like that back there!

Going from practically zero skills to where I am now, makes me so proud of what I am accomplishing. I think back to last year’s Fight Gone Bad workout, throwing a 10 lb wall ball and struggling through it, so much to the point that I was even getting dizzy looking up. Today I feel accomplished that I can do wall balls without feeling dizzy! A month ago, I was proud that I could string three double unders in a row. Today I couldn’t even get one. But, I feel proud knowing that I’ve done it once before and I can get there again. I guess I’m proud of the little things, because it’s the little things that will get you to the point where you step back and be wowed by how unbelievably far you’ve come.

Please Share One of Your Favorite FitCity Moments

I know it’s been shared before, but, hands down my favorite FitCity moment was during a Saturday WOD and everyone was so quiet and working so hard and about half way through the WOD the song “Livin’ on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi came on and all of the sudden, I hear my husband start rocking out to the song. A few beats later, the entire box joined in! It’s moments like that when we’re all working really hard and putting in our all, we step out of ourselves and realize just how much fun we’re having too! The best advice given to me when I first started was given to me was by my husband who always says, “90% of working out is showing up.” Even if you don’t feel like it, come anyway. There is an entire support system waiting for you and ready to cheer you on! Don’t ever feel intimidated by what others can do and you cannot; watch and become inspired.

“Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. The desires we act on determine our changing, our achieving, and our becoming.” (Dallin H. Oaks)

I love this quote because it can be applied to so many aspects in our lives; physical, mental and spiritual. When we have a vision of where we want to go, that vision or desire dictate all other choices that we make until our vision is finally a reality. As a full­time elementary school teacher, so many people ask me where I find the time to CrossFit. But, because of the vision that I have for myself, it’s not really a matter of finding the time. Being healthy and strong is a priority for me, so I make the conscious choice to CrossFit.

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You

I am not a big sports fan! I grew up in a family that was incredibly indifferent and uninterested in big team sports games.We just don’t get it! I’ll watch a game or two, or a few minutes here or there, but, if I miss a game or a big play, I’m perfectly okay with that. I am, by marriage, a “loyal” Broncos, Nuggets, and Rockies fan. I know enough about the games to hold a conversation with one of my 4th graders, and sometimes the sports fan in the grocery store or on the plane when I remember that I’m wearing “my team” shirt out in public. Sometimes I forget what I’m wearing and really have to think about what I’m saying so that I don’t make a huge fool of myself! You could say, I’m a good sport about all the “sportsting”!

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