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Be Like Lisa


“Don’t compare yourself to others- just be better than YOU were yesterday.”

Lisa joined FitCity in October of last year starting out with a small package of personal training and a goal of preparing for CrossFit classes.  After a couple of weeks, she began group class and quickly became an important part of the 9:15am vibe! A couple of months later in December, during our quarterly goal setting session, Lisa shared she was excited about the increased energy throughout the day, improved mobility, strength and overall feeling better BUT she wanted to lose more weight. It was time to tackle the nutrition component of Lisa’s health. She decided to begin her nutrition commitment after the New Year. AND SHE DID!

In January, we met and discussed specific goals, concerns, limiting factors, food aversions/preferences, and developed a realistic plan to reach those goals with short and long term success. In other words, lose weight/inches and keep it off! Over the course of the five months we have addressed many aspects of how and why. One thing has been constant: Lisa’s willingness to face the challenge and be a bit uncomfortable.

Now fast forward five months. Lisa has a new way of life and the nutrition lifestyle to go along with it. She has a new way of thinking, planning, and interacting with food. Food does not control Lisa. Food is Lisa’s fuel for workouts, job, family, friends, dogs and fun. And her doctor is happy too! Why? Because her high blood pressure and dangerous cholesterol levels are no longer a threat. Cholesterol medicine is gone and blood pressure meds are halved as per the doctor.

Oh and her weight loss goal. Well, she is crushing that too. Lisa has lost 24 pounds, 21.5 inches of fat and 2% total body fat.

Be Like Lisa.