Athlete of the Month Kevin White

I started CrossFit 7 months ago. I wanted to take my fitness to a new level and get in the best shape of my life. I fantasized about being an elite competing athlete. In order to do that I knew I needed to expand my training. I know I’m still a couple years away from that but felt this would potentially lead me in the right direction. When I joined I had goals of improved flexibility, increased core strength and muscle mass. One day a full six pack.

The first wod I remember was the Saturday after Christmas 2014. It was a partner wod involving knees to elbow and box jumps. After that wod I remember having two thoughts. One, doing knees to elbow were really challenging and I didn’t know how some were doing it so easily. I knew I’d never done anything like that and starting thinking was else was coming that I’d never seen. Little did I know how many different things there were.The other thought I had was that almost immediately the group started feeling like a family. I’ve been to other fitness centers and enjoyed them all but there was something different here and that feeling has only grown. We work hard yet you never know when someone’s going to break out in song or dance. It’s a family and after day one I realized I was hooked.

What was your favorite moment here at FitCity?

My favorite FitCity moment happened a few months ago very unexpectedly. We were all working extremely hard one Saturday morning in our teams of two and completely focused on completing our exercises when one of the members couldn’t help but get into the song that started playing. I think it was “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. As soon as the words started on the song he started singing and dancing like he was center stage at Karaoke night. Immediately it was infectious. We all noticed and within minutes the whole 20+ member class joined in. It felt like family working hard and having fun together. It really exemplified how we all feel about FitCity. It wasn’t just about the workout but also about being in it together as a group.

Since joining FitCity CrossFit I now feel like nothing is off the table. The best person to ask about my physical changes is my wife. She’s very happy with the changes. I’m most proud of doing handstands (and attempting the handstand pushups) because all my life I never thought I could do a handstand. Now it’s almost second nature (not quite but close). So to the new people I can only say, it’s absolutely worth it! We all need to challenge and push ourselves to achieve goals we never thought possible. It works for people at any fitness level. I used to be called to Tin Man because of my lack of flexibility. I’m now amazed as I see my flexibility improve almost weekly. I was on the swim team in college but never had the flexibility to be good at the Butterfly long distance. I was shocked to get in the pool recently and realize that I now had the form and flexibility to do the butterfly stroke long distance. Shocking and still hard for me to believe but true. FitCity has been life changing for me and I’d recommend it for anyone.

My favorite quote is from gymnast Olympic gold medalist winner Gabrielle Douglas who stated “hard days are the best because that’s when champions are made”.

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