With Great Loss Comes Great Pleasure: Leighann’s Member Story


” Crossfit is more than just fitness, it’s a getaway to something deeper inside all of us.” ­ Revie Jane Schultz

Crossfit has been a huge part of my physical and mental health. In 2010 while going to another box I lost my dad very suddenly. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. Just having that one hour a day to mentally let go and focus on something else literally helped me get through the darkest times of my life. I’m not sure how I would have dealt with it without that outlet. In 2012 I injured my knee playing soccer and then shortly after got pregnant with my son. After having my son in 2013, I gained a lot of weight since I wasn’t able to workout while pregnant because of my knee injury. I was actually about to join the YMCA because there really wasn’t a Crossfit close to my house. Then one day I saw Sarah and Javi hanging the FitCity banner! I think it was fate or someone giving me that push to get back to Crossfit. I had done Crossfit for two years before my injury and now one full year at FitCity.

Since I had previously done Crossfit, I wanted to get to the point I was at before. It had been two years and 40lbs later, so I knew it would take time and hard work. I wanted to Rx my workouts and get some new PRs on my heavy lifts. Cardio has always been a struggle so just dropping some body weight and being able to last in any sort of cardio workout was a huge goal also. There wereLeighann Member Story FitCity New Tampa Crossfit three movements I wasn’t able to accomplish at my old box and I was there for two years; handstand push ups, dips, and muscle ups. In under a year at FitCity with some of the best coaches, I have been able to check two of the goals off my list. I can say I mastered kipping hspu with one mat, dips, and still working to accomplish muscle ups! Physically so much has changed. I went from a size 14 to a 10 in about 8 months. I was almost to my goal weight I had set for myself (and then I got pregnant :)) Even still, I’ve stuck with working out at the box and I can say at 8 months pregnant I’ve only gained 23lbs. With my first child, I gained 60 pounds total. This time around my goals was to be much more active and healthy!

What Was One Of Your Favorite Moments at FitCity?

When looking back over this last year at FitCity, there are so many awesome moments in the past year I could share. However, I think my favorite has to be when we all did the hero workout “Murph”. Watching the first heat, I think I just stood in amazement for the first ten minutes I was there. Then it was time to start the second heat, my heat. I was scared. Could I do it? It seemed everyone was watching….thank goodness I had Sarah to push me. I remember being so exhausted like how could I do 15 more rounds, 10 more rounds?? I kept thinking of the “why” we do this workout (to honor someone who died for our freedom.) Then I thought about my dad looking down on me and telling me to keep pushing. I have always been an athlete and I knew I couldn’t give up. At the end, I think the bond of laying on the ground recovering and stretching together was something pretty amazing!

What would you tell someone who was considering Crossfit?

Just do it! It’s scary, it’s intimidating, it’s amazing! The hardest part is walking through that door. Once you come in, I promise we don’t bite! Many people think Crossfit is only for elite people. Quite the opposite! It’s for everyone and I mean everyone!

Ready to get started today like Leighann? Give us a call at 813.966.0930 or fill out the form HERE. Take it from Leighann, crossfit can be for everyone!