Give your kids an EPIC summer!

FitCity Kids Summer Camps


Hear what some of our kids say are their favorite things about CrossFit!

Summer Camp

Obstacle course training and Bootcamp meets games and old school summer fun! Jump, climb, swing, bounce, balance and run. The kids won’t even know they are “working out”! Each day of the camp your child will embark on creative, challenging activities in a team building, encouraging environment. They will learn to execute proper technique of the basic CrossFit movements and will use those new skills plus fun games, and obstacle course fun! Nutrition breaks (shhh…lessons about proper nutrition to fuel their athletic bodies!) every day with healthy snacks provided. We will close our time together with an epic Nerf extravaganza.


June 11-15: 1:00pm-3:00pm $115

July 9-13: 2:00pm-4:00pm $115

*Capped at 15 per week. SIGN UP TODAY!

June 11-15

July 9-13

*Class Times Vary

Teen Barbell Camp

This two week course is designed for teens ages 12-16 at any fitness level. Our USAW Certified coaches are trained to teach newbies and challenge even the most experienced teen athlete. We will focus on traditional barbell lifts such as squat, press, bench press, deadlift, power clean & snatch. We will also include discussion about sports nutrition, recovery and injury prevention. Conditioning appropriate for current ability will be included including body weight movements such as ring work, handstands, etc.

COST: $135

*Class capped at 8. SIGN UP TODAY!

July 9-20

*Class Times Vary