Get Started at FitCity CrossFit


Is CrossFit for you? Yes! CrossFit at FitCity is for everyone!

No matter your age, fitness level, ability or personal goal, our program will work for you. CrossFit is infinitely scaleable so it is perfect for everyone!  

Do you prefer learning and training in a one on one environment or with a group? Not sure? No worries. We are here to help. When you set up your 20 minute No Sweat Intro with a coach, we will discuss your goals and help you create a plan for success. No sales. No pressure. Just an opportunity to see if we are compatible.   

Learning the CrossFit basics is very important before entering classes. (Side note, if you are looking around at other CrossFit facilities, for your safety, be sure to seek a gym with a new member introduction program.) We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first, then intensity. 

On Ramp

Our OnRamp is five 30 minute one on one sessions with a coach. The focus of this program is skill development and exposure to our basic movements. We consider this our “crash course”. Your 30 minute session will begin with a short warm up while the remaining time will be spent learning the basics. Upon completion of this fast paced program,  you will be prepared to move into classes at a beginner level. We have appointment times in the morning and evening.

In Depth Learning  

One on one learning allows more time for your coach to focus specifically your goal of group training. We offer a variety of one on one packages depending on your timeframe, personal goals, pre-existing injuries, health concerns, and preference to training environment. Our programming is written specifically for your goal of group classes. Your coach will focus heavily on 

  • technique and skill development
  • progressions for movements based on your current ability
  • appropriate and challenging workouts
  • mobility exercises based on your body patterns
  • recovery stretches

Upon completion, you will be prepared for group classes! If you decide you like the one on one environment, you may decide to stay in personal training and that is fine too.

On Ramp

$179 one time fee
  • Five 30-minute one-on-one sessions