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Video: Upper back and Hip Activation

Do you spend hours working on your computer or sitting at a desk? If so, tight upper back and hips are very likely. Here are five simple exercises that you can do daily to start to get your shoulders and thoracic spine mobile and your hips opened up with glutes activated.

1) Cat/cow – Remember to pull your belly button in towards your spine.


2) Serratus push ups – Focus on small movements in the shoulder blades only. Goal here is create a gliding of the blades.


3) Glute bridges – Walk shoulder blades together and lift hips up as high as possible. Squeeze butt cheeks for optimal activation.


4) Hip circles – Keep arms straight and make the biggest circles possible in both directions.


5) Thoracic spine swipes (T-Spine swipes) – Hold top knee down on the floor and only swipe arm across as far as you can while keeping the knee touching the floor. Pause in the arm open position.


Do you have a mobility issue you would like to see addressed in a future video? We’d love to help! Comment below with mobility issues or questions!