Two Simple Ways To Kickstart Your Journey

Want to know the secret to losing weight and keeping it off?

What about gaining energy and feeling younger than your chronological age?

Small and consistent action.

So simple.

Not easy, of course. But so simple. Start with a healthy habit and then stick with it. One day at a time.

When starting a new member with workouts, we focus on two main action steps.


Show up (ideally three times per week) regularly. And then, keep showing up. JUST from consistently showing up, you will have the benefit of more energy, less chronic pain. You will get stronger and leaner.


Our coaches plan programming to meet your current ability level along with your short and long term goals. We will start out with teaching movement techniques while building a base to keep you safe and injury-free. Many people join FitCity with previous injuries or health concerns and the goal of getting better. We recognize your tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles need time to build a foundation. That’s the great part. We are professionals and we know all about that! We plan your program accordingly. You just show up, trust the process and your coach, and we do the rest.

We have countless examples of how these two simple (not necessarily easy) steps have changed our members’ lives!

Seventy-four year old Woody joined FitCity four years ago at the urging of his son Mike who had recently joined. As Woody explains, he had never been a fitness enthusiast. Age and lack of exercise had taken a toll on his body. On day one during my initial assessment, I noted a couple of significant points. He used his arms to assist in getting out of a chair, winded with minimal walking, and had very low energy levels. Range of motion with basic functional movements like squatting and overhead pressing were quite limited. And he explained he could not get up and down off the ground without assistance.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you have surely seen pictures and videos of Woody’s journey. Woody never misses a session. He works out three times a week CONSISTENTLY. He pushes himself and trusts the slow-paced journey as well as any challenge I put in front of him. Small but consistent action.

In our sessions now, we do everything from rope climb pulls to burpees to walking lunges with weights to weight sit-ups. A couple of years ago we made it a goal to “someday” be able to jumprope. We had to start learning how to jump. Woody could not get his feet off the ground. In our personal training sessions, he patiently worked through mobility and strengthening exercises multiple times per week with his eyes on the prize. Of course, jumping rope is not just jumping. It is also balance, coordination, facing fear of falling and stamina. Fast forwarding through small but consistent action, a couple of years ago Woody accomplished his first successful jumprope in his life!! And he did it in his mid seventies.

This story honoring one of the many successes Woody has accomplished is to reinforce the importance of small but consistent action. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you will find Woody at FitCity. Now Woody is 78 years old but getting physically “younger”, more agile and flexible, stronger and more confident in how he moves. Oh, and quarantine hasn’t slowed him down. Nope. He shows up just as consistently for his virtual sessions. Never misses a beat.

What small but consistent action will you incorporate into your life? Start small enough to build success. Then add to it as it becomes a habit.

Not sure where to start? I am happy to help.

Coach Sarah  🙂