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The Words We Use, Matter

Human beings. We are lazy. We are dramatic. I think that is something that makes us unique in the animal world.

(I don’t know this for a fact. I am not a Zoologist. It just seems we have a need to keep our stress high and serenity low.)

We could spend a while discussing why.

But hey, moving on.

I want to evolve. I think we as a species are special in this way. Always striving for something better.

Some of us are striving for spiritual and emotional freedom. Some seek optimal health and wellness. Others long for financial success. None of these are right or wrong. In fact, there is an abundance of it all waiting for us.

Let’s stop focusing on what we can NOT do.

It is time to focus on what you want. And I mean, what you REALLY want.

Do you want to be healthy? Awesome. Me too. Let’s do healthy things. What do healthy people do? Eat clean, unprocessed food. Exercise. Spend time outdoors enjoying nature.

Do you want to be financially successful? Awesome. Me too. Let’s do things financially successful people do. Let’s NOT focus on our lack of, instead let’s focus on the abundance of what we do have.

Do you want to enjoy your life? Awesome. Me too. Let’s do things happy people do. Happy people smile. Happy people make other people feel good about themselves. Happy people are not held back with words like “try” or “can’t”. They just DO. Let’s just DO.

Who is with me?

Let’s start with taking limiting words out of our vocabulary.
Sayonara to words like can’t, try, should, wish, have to.
Peace out.

Let’s replace those with action words that build our confidence and eliminate fear.

I will. I am.

Report back. We are in this together!