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Riding A Wave All The Way From Africa

I read something the other day talking about the power of the ocean.

Ever been out on a boat on the east coast and see a wave that looks as if it has been rolling all the way from Africa? The wave moves effortlessly. If an obstacle gets in its way, the wave just glides or sometimes crashes around it, but morphs and continues moving.

Well that got me to thinking. I want to be like that endless wave in the ocean. When obstacles get in my way, my goal is to just glide around them and keep adjusting. The direction may need to change, but as long as I persevere, I will remain intact in one form or another.

So yesterday I did NOT want to workout. Who can relate?! Some days I feel pumped and ready to crush the day/workout/meal planning and other days I just feel tired.

On the days I feel motivated to exercise and take care of my wellness, I feel strong like the ocean! I feel empowered and alive. Those days working out, eating clean and being kind to myself are easy.

But other days, I feel like the wave discovering every obstacle to crash into. On those days, I feel tired. I know I am not alone. Many of you have shared the same struggles with me.

On those days, I have to remind myself, I am a part of the ocean. I am the wave. I will adapt to the obstacles.

I will show up for my workout even though I am tired.

I will chose to eat chicken and broccoli even though pizza sounds so much more gratifying.

I will show up.

Why? Because that is what even the smallest wave in the ocean does every single day. Even the smallest wave is powerful, strong and mighty, despite the many obstacles. Even the smallest wave has the potential to redirect other waves.

Show up and take care of yourself every single day, even when you are tired. Surround yourself with other small waves and embrace the power you can harness together. Be a support crew for others trying to take care of themselves. And then when YOU need the power of the ocean, it is there for YOU!