crossfit still not loosing weight

Lose Body Fat By Lifting Heavy Weights

The combination of high intensity interval training along with strength training is one of the most successful formulas for losing body fat and creating a lean, toned physique. Here are three reasons squatting, pressing, pulling, lifting heavy weight beats out traditional cardio in the race to lose body fat:

Weight Training and Hormones to Lose Body Fat

Lifting weights actually promotes an anabolic state which maintains the muscles and increases lean muscle mass (Lean muscle mass increase requires increase in calories.). Also, heavy lifting has little or no effect on cortisol, the stress hormone when elevated leads to increased belly fat.

Calorie Burn

Studies show after a weight training workout, the metabolism can be increased for up to 36 hours upon completion. What does that mean? AFTER the lifting session has ended, your body continues to burn calories for up to 3 days. Now partner that with lifting at least three times per week and you have created a calorie burning machine!

Body Re-shaping

Most people who want to lose weight are looking for a leaner, toned body. Unfortunately, weight loss from cardio workouts, includes fat AND muscle loss at about the same rate. So while someone may be losing fat, sadly, they will be losing muscle at the same rate. Therefore in order to create a toned shape, your workouts should include weight training.

Lifting weights reduces body fat while reshaping and toning your body. Scientific research along with my own anecdotal evidence over the years has proven this time and time again. IF you are following the above prescription and not experiencing these results, the one major road block to weight loss is nutrition.

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