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How To Plan Ahead For Success

Meal prep does not have to be complicated.

The way to be most successful with your nutrition goals is to PLAN AHEAD! 🙂

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

Plain and simple.

  1. Write out a meal plan for the week. Keep it simple at first. You do not need to make the meals gourmet or overly creative. Instead focus on including a protein, healthy fat, carb and at least one veggie at every meal!
  2. Write a grocery list. Base the list on the meals you will be preparing for the week.
  3. Determine one or two days per week for grocery shopping. Make this a habitual part of your weekly routine. <THIS IS HUGE!
  4. Determine one or two days per week for preparing your meals/snacks. <<THIS IS HUGE, PART 2!!

What are you planning for this coming week?

Here are some ideas:

Did you write your grocery list yet?

What day have you set aside for grocery shopping and meal prepping?

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