Four Reasons Why You Or Someone You Love Needs A Personal Trainer

We all need a little help sometimes, whether you are new to exercising or have been at it for a while. Personal training may be the answer for you! Do you ask yourself any of these questions:

  • Do you need help losing weight or maintaining weight, size, and body fat?
  • Do you struggle with consistency?
  • Do you get bored with your current regimen? Do you want to learn new skills?
  • Do you need “perfect practice makes perfect” training for a specific movement?
  • Are you training for an event or have an event in mind you would like to train for? Are you not sure where or how to start?

One­-on­-one sessions with a coach can address the above concerns. When you chose personal training, you will take your health and fitness to the next level!

Here are some aspects of one on one coaching you can look forward to:

1. Accountability & Consistency­ – These two are HUGE for many people and go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter if you are new to a workout regimen or currently workout daily, consistency is key to your goals. If you are beginning a fitness program or if you are specifically working on a skill, with personal training you will be accountable to your coach. You will set up your schedule eachpersonal training new tampa crossfit week, knowing exactly what days you will be meeting. Boom. It is set. No need to think about it any more. You just show up for your “appointment” just like you do for a work meeting or an event at your kid’s school or a college class.

2. Motivation­ – Your trainer will be there to push you past your self­imposed limits. You know that moment when you think (or say) “I can’t”? Your trainer will be there to non­judgmentally guide you to success! You can learn to do a new skill. You can build up your stamina to get one more rep. You can learn proper form and go heavier on the lift.

3. Prevent Injuries­ – With a personal trainer, you have one trained person watching your movement patterns to make sure you safely and efficiently move through the exercises. If you have prior injuries or health concerns, one on one training is a great way to get the specific modifications you need for your goals. After discussing your goals and concerns, there may be some movements to avoid altogether. Your trainer will create specific programming to work with your ability and level, adjusting when needed. In addition to navigating previous issues, preventing new injuries is of utmost importance. You will need to learn proper mechanics which will strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments, and build your core. Learning safe technique is critical to your success. Furthermore, if you are limited in your mobility and flexibility, your trainer will give you specific exercises and even homework to increase your range of motion, also vital to your progress.

4. Reach Your Goals­ – Before beginning, your trainer will discuss and help you specifically define your health and wellness goals.Then, with your short and long term goals in mind, your coach will create personalized programming. This specialized plan created with the most direct route to your goals, will work around any previous injuries or concerns you may have while pushing you out of your comfort zone. Your general goals may be anything from weight loss, weight gain, skill/technique work, off­season training, event preparation, “get fit” and everything in between. You will likely start to notice changes in the way you feel after just a few sessions! Your trainer will schedule regular appointments, working around your schedule as best as possible, to keep you consistent. Consistency is key.

Ready To Get Started With One Of Our Personal Trainers To Meet Your Goals?

Whether you have been working out on your own or you are new to exercise, a personal trainer is a great way for you or your loved one to reach health, fitness and wellness goals. One­on­one sessions programmed for an individual’s goals, combined with a trainer who pushes the limits while keeping technique safe, is a worthwhile investment! You and your loved ones deserve to feel confident, strong and healthy! Thank you to our personal training members and to those who continue to refer friends and family for our private coaching services. We take great pride in watching each and every one of our clients become the best version of themselves! Hear what others have to say about us HERE!

We Provide Personal Training Packages As Gifts!

To purchase someone a personal training package this holiday season, please contact us at 813.966.0930 or fill out our Contact Form. This makes a great gift for anyone looking to get into shape or with a active lifestyle!