Coach Sarah’s Five Reasons Summer Camp Is Important For Your Child

Camp is fun! But why is it IMPORTANT?

In a world gone tech crazy, summer camp gets your child out of the house, unplugged and in an active, play filled environment. Plain and simple, they get to be kids again!

  1. Unplug- These days, even active kids who love to play outside get pulled into hours of PlayStation, XBox, tablet, phone, and any other electronic device I am forgetting. Camp at FitCity engages the children in jumping, crawling, hanging, pushing, pulling, balancing, creating, racing, encouraging, healthy fun!
  2. Keeps their minds sharp- Creating obstacles, designing nerf courses, strategizing, planning, team building are hugely beneficial, especially during the summer months when weeks zoom by without school. Plus research shows time and time again how exercise keeps the brain “fit” by repairing damaged brain cells and improving overall brain function.
  3. Boost of self esteem- Camp provides kids with an opportunity to tackle new challenges, meet new friends, work together to accomplish goals. Kids feel empowered by setting the tone to help one another.
  4. Encourages play- Why do kids look so forward to summer? Well of course the stress free time to PLAY! Camp offers structured, guided, active play with the freedom to explore and create.
  5. Did I say- GETS THEM MOVING! We provide two hours of action. They will not want to go home. And when they do, they will be tired. Guilt free electronics time. (Come on parents, you know what I mean. I am a parent too!)

By popular demand, we are offering 3 weeks of FitCity Kids Summer Camp this year. Each year our camps sell out so do not delay. Dates, times, prices, info all right here. 

We have merged our extremely popular Obstacle Course Training Camp with traditional camp activities including a full on Nerf War! Your kids asked, and we listened!

Here is the link to sign up and reserve your spots:



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