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FitCity 2017 Intramural Open

by Keith Ingalls


Who’s up for FUN with your FitCity Family!?! A great workout, while your friends and family cheer you on, and good food afterwards while getting to know your gym friends a little better…what could be better?!  That is really what the CrossFit Open is all about, especially here at FitCity.  Here are the details.

The Open WODs are announced every Thursday night at 8pm live online at   If you can’t watch it live, it is recorded and available on the website to watch at your convenience. An Rx and Scaled workout will be announced at that time.  Shortly after, we will announce a FitCity scaled version, that everyone of us will be able to do!

Every Friday, beginning on February 24th, we will host Friday Night Lights & Potluck event where all of our members who are participating will be able to compete/WOD together! Then enjoy a good meal together afterwards.

We will also form teams within FitCity for a little friendly competition!  Teams will compete for the best score over the 5 weeks, with bragging rights of being the best team.  (Go Valhalla’s Vanguard!) Teams will be scored not just on how each individual does in each of the workouts, but also on team spirit.  This can be based on support for your team, and support for everyone competing.

The CrossFit 2017 Open

The Open is the first step in qualifying to compete at the CrossFit Games, the single largest competition in the CrossFit community.  Starting February 23rd, a workout will be announced that individuals will perform to achieve their best time, reps, or weight.  Each individual will have until 8pm on the following Monday to perform and submit their official judged numbers on the CrossFit website.  Each person will then be ranked in different groups, based on location, gender and age. This cycle will continue for 4 additional weeks, with the top individuals of each gender and age from different regions of the world, then moving on to the Regional Open to further perform, and to reduce the numbers of competitors down. This will eventually end with the top people of the world competing in the official CrossFit Games on August 1st.

If you don’t want to participate in the Open, you can still come do the WOD after all participants are done. Bring your friends and family members to cheer you on!! Kids are welcome but will need to stay in the kid area during the workouts. It will be a blast, the more people, the better! You will have until Monday at 8pm to submit your score online. If you can’t make it to one of the Friday Night Lights, get with a coach and we will make sure you get the WOD completed prior to the deadline. We will be programming the Open WOD as our Friday WOD, so you may as well participate/sign up! 

Registration cost is $20, and it is fun to see how you compare to everyone around the world.  Last year there were over 300,000 registrations for the 2016 Open. But it is not necessary to register. You will still be able to participate in all of the fun of the Friday Night Lights & Potluck.

A lot of us have busy schedules outside of the ‘box’.  Even if you know you can’t do a workout one of the weeks, don’t let this stop you from participating.  This is a once a year event, don’t miss out!