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Your Energy Makeover Challenge + Chef Nick’s Breakfast Pie

Do you feel like you are dragging your way through your day? Here are three simple tips and a challenge that will boost your daily energy level:

  1. Breakfast- For the love of everything holy people, eat breakfast! The old saying is true…breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And what you eat is just as important as the eating itself. Start your day off right with a protein, healthy fat and carbohydrate. (See the breakfast recipe below.) Skip the sugary, overly processed “foods” as they only create more energy slumps throughout the day.
  2. Water- Your body is made up of two-thirds water. The cells in your body cannot function properly without H2O, the perfect marriage between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When you neglect your cells’ need for water, they actually shrink and
    become less efficient, which causes feelings of fatigue. So drink up!
  3. Breathe- Breathing is an automatic body process. Therefore, it is common for us to go through each day without doing it consciously. Conscious breathing requires you to do this simple act with intention. There are many different breathing techniques but all have one commonality: Become aware of inhaling and exhaling. To get a quick energy boost, spend 60 seconds consciously breathing and filling your cells with the oxygen they need for maximal performance. Bye bye fatigue!

So here’s your simple 30 day challenge to increase your energy throughout the day:

When you wake up do three things…. Eat breakfast, drink a full glass of water, and spend 60 seconds consciously breathing. Then take notice of your energy level. Repeat daily for 30 days. If you feel better, keep on doing what works!

Check out Chef Nick’s delish breakfast pie which can be made ahead of time and eaten for several days!