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Currently On My Kitchen Counter: Oreos, Pastries, Apple Pie

Self discipline can certainly be a challenge. Especially in the early days of creating a habit. Even with years of consistent habits, some days or weeks I struggle more than others. Case in point below!

Example 1:
This morning my bed was oh so comfy and the early morning black sky made for a real struggle.

Example 2:
The past several weeks, between fighting a cold, dealing with my monthly cycle, and not sleeping well, I have not wanted to workout. You all know the thoughts. The ones that tell you “you are too tired” or “it’s not even worth it” or “just go home” or….
But, I have learned over the years to just show up. Show up and struggle through the workout. Show up and modify the movements just to get through it. Show up. The showing up habit truly brings my soul inner strength.

Example 3:
I almost never buy junk food. If it is not in my house, I won’t be tempted to eat it (and neither will my family). However, a month ago my in laws moved into our home. We now have a steady stream of Oreos, croissants (my all time favorite bread), cookies, crackers, guava pastries (also my fav). Last weekend, a thoughtful neighbor brought our family a Village Inn apple pie. The box says “The Best Pie in America.” Need I say more. The Best Pie in America, folks!

Self discipline is simple. Not easy but most definitely simple. Do the thing that is in line with your goals. Get out of bed early. Show up for the workout. Walk away from the “Best Pie in America” and drink a glass of water instead.

What steps are you taking today to reach your goals?