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Want To Improve Kids’ Grades? Exercise.

For many years now research has proven “Children Who Exercise Get Better Grades” and “Vigorous Exercise Linked With Better Grades” and “Physical Fitness Gives Children Better Academic Performance.” Yet, physical education programs are cut from our schools left and right. However you feel about this, one thing is for certain, without these programs in our schools, it is up to us, the parents, to provide this opportunity for our children.

What are our options?

How can we help our children be successful in school and create healthy habits?

Here are three suggestions:

  • Designate 30-60 minutes after school snack for active play time. I recommend this play time is outside! (Vitamin D is a vital part of a healthy immune system.) Think back to when we were kids. Remember the days of playing for hours with a ball. Show your kids how we used to have fun.
  • Sign your child up for an after school active-ity. (Like that little pun?!) My point is, make sure the activity will get the blood pumping, body sweating and heart rate increasing! Need an idea of where to start? Click here for details about our FitCity Firebreathers (a word to represent how hard our kids work during class!) program.
  • Got tons of homework? Set the timer for a set amount of time (depends on age and concentration of your child) followed by an “active break”. Active break suggestions: 20 burpees, sets of 5-10 push ups, 20 jumping jacks. Repeat as needed. Gets the blood flowing (including back to the brain!)

Many of our families find success combining all three of the above suggestions. FitCity Firebreathers class on Mondays and Wednesdays, outside play at home on off days and when homework is abundant, regular active breaks to keep the blood pumping to the brain.

Find a solution that works for your family and stick with it. Whatever options you chose, make it a priority to ensure your child gets regular exercise daily. As with anything else, consistency is the key to creating successful habits!

Get to know our Kids’ Coach, Chandree

Coach Chandree is a hard working, dedicated, mother of three boys. Prior to becoming a trainer she was a stay at home mom. She connects to every child in her class. She challenges them while building the self-esteem. She expects hard work while understanding everyone has an off day.  She smiles, high fives, and encourages them to push themselves and be proud of their accomplishments.

Coach Chandree is certified CrossFit L1, USAW Sport & Performance Coach, Brand X Method and CPR & First Aid.

For more details and to register for our FitCity Kids Class, follow this link.