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Are You Living Your Best Life in 2020?

This pandemic is a major life event for all of us.

It has thrown our lives, schedules, emotions, relationships onto a completely different track, with very little warning. Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on all of us.

It is important for us to acknowledge that we are in a different place in our lives than a few short months ago. Along with adjusting to new routines (or lack thereof), we need to reassess how our health goals stack up as a priority. Now, more than ever, we recognize the importance of a strong healthy body!

In this new phase of our lives, how are you approaching your fitness, health and wellness?

Are you living in overwhelm and throwing the blanket over your eyes with avoidance?

Do you recognize the importance but are unsure how to tackle your seemingly lofty goals?

There are many avenues for tackling your health.

Maybe you will be like 67-year-old Linda. When Linda came to FitCity she was seeking better balance and coordination, more energy, and the possibility of getting off her high blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Linda’s prescription of three personal training sessions per week combined with walking every morning has led to accomplishing all of her original goals! So much so that together we have updated her goals!

Maybe you will be like 44 year old, father of three, Jason. Jason is a professional with a busy work and family schedule. Like most of us, he needs accountability and nutrition support to stay consistent with his workouts and eating habits. He is taking ownership of his health and fitness with a Hybrid membership, combining weekly personal training, group classes and nutrition coaching.

Or maybe you will be like 51 year old, “coolest Aunt around” Louise. Like many, Louise is concerned about COVID. She is loving the Customized Programming membership which allows her to do her workouts at home, at a time that works for her schedule. Her coach sends her customized workouts designed specifically for her goals and the equipment available (if any). Then she shares her workout results with her Coach, sending any videos for further discussion. Comforts of home, accountability, flexibility with her schedule…this membership option is a win/win for Louise and many others.


Are you living your best life right now?