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Weight Loss and Increased Strength – Pat’s Journey

My daughter has been doing Crossfit for several years and I have attended all her competitions. I was so impressed with how strong and supportive these women were that I found myself wishing that Crossfit had been around when I was younger. Then one day I was on my way to do my weekly grocery shopping and I noticed a banner in a new strip mall 5 minutes from my house “FitCity Crossfit”. I was so excited, it seemed like fate; I had to stop and inquire. Sarah was so welcoming and my first question was: “Am I too old to do Crossfit?” And her response? Absolutely not!!!

I had recently retired after 33 years with Verizon. I had been working
so many hours that my health and well-being had fallen by the wayside. Too many hours of work and not enough time to exercise, and before I knew it I had somehow accumulated 30 additional pounds! The time had come to do something about it. The kids were grown and I no longer had to work 70+ hours a week. Now it was time to do something for myself!!

Crossfit helped Pat with a weight loss of 30 pounds and feel energized againI had always enjoyed working out and was doing spin and yoga at the local gym, but I wanted to do more. I was looking for a full body workout that would not only make me stronger and more agile, but would help me look and feel younger. I definitely found that at FitCity!

Crossfit helped Pat achieve a weight loss of 30 pounds!

And so began my metamorphosis. I am the type of person who wants to jump in with both feet and do it all right now! I wanted to lift heavy weights, do strict pull ups, handstand walks, rope climbs….everything….and do it immediately! Through the leadership of Coach Sarah and Coach Javi, I am able to set short term goals which have helped get me to some of those goals. With their care and guidance, I learned patience and restraint. I came to understand that my lofty goals could not be realized overnight, but with passion, dedication and consistency they can and will be achieved.

I have been a proud member of FitCity for a little over a year now and I am amazed every day at the transformation. The extra 30 pounds are gone; I am getting stronger every day and I feel better than I have felt for years. And I owe it all to the dedication of my Coaches, along with the support and encouragement of my fellow FitCity members. That is the true beauty of the Crossfit experience – you are a family; you care for each other, help each other, cheer each other on. Unending inspiration, motivation and support – I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything! I urge anyone who is looking to improve their health and well-being, to join our FitCity family and be a part of this amazing journey!!

Are you looking to get active and make some healthy improvements? We can get you started and keep you going! Come try one of our classes by calling 813-966-0930!