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Natalie: An Awesome Support System

natalie successI am a full time working mom with four children. With our family’s crazy schedule, I never made working out a priority. All of my time was devoted to my children and their activities, or to my work. About a year ago, I came to Bring A Buddy day at FitCity. I had heard about CrossFit from my friend at work and was curious about it. I had a great time but was a little discouraged by the fact that I couldn’t even do a regular sit up. I decided that I enjoyed it enough to look into coming back though. The workouts were intense, but I liked the fact that they were always different, and the coach did a great job of explaining and scaling the workouts to meet my needs.

I enjoyed all of the new people I met at FitCity too. I’ve never been good at keeping up with a workout routine, but FitCity is an awesome support system. I have never felt judged for not being “better” or “faster” at something. All of the athletes cheer each other on and boost each other’s confidence. I’ve definitely come to think of them as my FitCity family.I am really proud of myself for having stuck with CrossFit for this long.

Just a bit more than a year later, I feel a huge difference. I have lost 18 pounds and 11.25 inches! I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels. I’m better able to keep up and play with my kids. I am most proud that I have stuck with it. This is the first thing I’ve actually stuck with since having kids. When I started CrossFit, I couldn’t even run 200 meters without being out of breath. Now, I have successfully finished three 5k races and have plans for more in the future! I even competed on a team in the CrossFit Open Intramural at FitCity and surprised myself with the results. I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for me!