Jen V Pushes Her Limits To Success

I had been interested in Crossfit for awhile after seeing friends do it but there weren’t any close boxes that offered women’s classes. One day I saw a friend post about a location opening 5 minutes from my house so I was immediately interested and then a couple months later I saw Coach Sarah was offering a women’s class 3 times a week so I jumped at the chance.

I don’t remember my first wod in particular but my first, and every wod thereafter has pushed my limits beyond what I would normally find myself doing if I worked out on my own in any other gym. Despite the intensity and challenge of the workouts I ALWAYS look forward to the next one. Even when I see that a WOD is an especially hard one before going in I never skip out on it because I know I have the support of my coach and the other members to get through it and its always a special satisfaction knowing you completed it.

No doubt I am able to accomplish things I wasn’t able to do when I first started. I still have to scale most workouts but each time I see progress and I have the confidence that I will Jen V Fit City Crossfit Member Finaleventually be able to achieve the workouts as prescribed in the future.

Seeing any progress is something to be proud of, whether its just completing a WOD, improving on time, or hitting a personal record in weightlifting. When I first started at FitCity I did one of the infamous workout’s called Filthy Fifty in which you do 50 reps each of 10 movements. Since I was new at the time I scaled the workout to only 30 reps each. About 9 months later we did that same workout again and I was able to complete all 50 reps each, as well as using heavier weights for some of the movements. I look forward to the next time so that I can hopefully beat my time.

When I started Crossfit 10 months ago, I wanted to get in shape and lose a few pounds, however I also wanted to become stronger and do something that made me feel empowered. (Seeing my friends do weightlifting looked boss, so that too.) I cannot praise FitCity enough. It doesn’t have that big gym stranger feel. The coaches are very much involved in your personal development in the gym. In particular Coach Sarah always makes sure I am not plateauing myself, rather she makes sure I continue to push myself towards my goals and aspirations within the box. She also encourages overall positive lifestyle changes, including diet, so that we not only perform better in the box but are also healthier individuals in general. She genuinely cares about all her members, always asking about our personal lives and sharing hers with us too. I would also say this about the members, some in particular whom I see on a regular basis. It has become a family, everyone supportive of each other. FitCity is also a socially conscious box. It organizes events to help the community, so it’s not just about the physical muscles, it’s also about flexing our humanitarian muscles too.

Any advice for people just getting started with Crossfit?

My advice is specifically to those who may not see themselves as the typical crossfit member, who may compare themselves to pictures of ripped crossfit athletes and think they wouldn’t belong. NOT TRUE! One of FitCity’s mottos is “Elite Fitness For All” and this is exactly how they treat every one of their members. We have members of all sizes, ages, and abilities but Coach Sarah and Coach Javi make sure each one gets the same attention and opportunity for a well rounded workout. They are highly trained in what they do so they can scale any skill and workout to your current ability and help you create realistic goals to work towards.

So my advice is “Don’t shy away!” if you are interested. Come in and see what all the hype is about because once you try it you will be hooked.

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