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Crossfit Success Story – Mike L


mikeI joined FitCity just over 6 months ago to make someone else happy. During this process, I found my happiness.

My hope when joining FitCity was to lose “some” weight. My goals since then have changed drastically, they are more defined and change regularly.

I remember my first WOD (workout of the day), I just wanted to finish and not puke. I have made huge changes to my body, both physically and mentally. I am more patient with my team at work and my competitive drive has increased, refusing to settle.

Physically, I have increased energy and not a single article of clothing I had fits anymore! I am most proud of my increased flexibility. My new body makes getting up in the morning so much easier!

What is your advice for someone just starting out at FitCity CrossFit?

My advice for someone just getting started is to just keep showing up. You are able to change your life forever with one small decision, whether you make this decision or it’s brought upon you, the end result is ultimately up to you.

What are some of your favorite moments at FitCity?

One of my favorite moment in this transformation so far was during the Team Series Challenge, (that I originally wanted no part of and was tricked into joining…) a teammate was at the brink of quitting as time ran out. Rallied by the team, she was able to push through mentally and physically. It was a great moment working beside her to finish this feat. One of my favorite quotes is “Whether you think you can or can’t. You’re right.”

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

One thing people don’t know about me is… I’m in a platonic relationship with Roland “RoRo” Dmello.

Proud note from the coaches:

Mike is too humble to brag so we will brag for him!! In six months Mike has lost over 65 pounds, gone from slacks size 40 to a size 32 and a shirt size 2XL to medium shirt. He has gained strength in all areas, increased flexibility as mentioned above, learned skills he never thought possible, learned how to eat clean and reignited his passion for life. Success comes to those who put forth the effort. Way to go Mike!

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